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Application Rules

• A single TV show may submit up to three different storylines with three different topics for award consideration. 

• Entrants must complete an online application form. Please note that we only accept .mp4 and .mov formats for submissions. If your submission topic spans multiple episodes, please edit your video clip into one file that highlights the relevant storyline.

• If the storyline aired with an 800 number or other PSA, you may include the PSA at the end of your video entry.


Scripted TV shows that address health, safety and security issues and air in the United States are eligible to enter the awards competition. Episodes from ongoing and limited series qualify.

The entry must have an original air date between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. If a storyline continues past June 30, 2022, it may be entered either this year or next, but not both years. The storyline may air in one or more episodes during the period of eligibility. Broadcast, cable and streaming networks are eligible. Movies, reality, documentary, and news programs are not eligible. Formats are limited to no longer than 30- and 60- minutes.

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