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Terms and Conditions

By submitting your entry, you agree to the following:

1. The Sentinel Awards reserves the right to copy and distribute all materials, including video submitted by a show, for the purposes of judging, promotion, education and research. Videos will be private, unlisted and not accessible by anyone but the judges. The Sentinel Awards program, including their partner organizations, occasionally exhibit for educational or other public health purposes and not for profit, by means other than broadcast or telecast, programs and materials from this awards competition. The Sentinel Awards may utilize submitted video and related materials in its publicity, outreach and entertainment-education activities, including press releases, show production, video news conferences, lectures, panels, professional and health education programs, research and touring exhibitions. Appropriate credit will be included.

2. The Sentinel Awards does not claim to endorse or support the work or business practices of producers, networks or affiliated organizations. Recognition is for material submitted and does not imply recognition for anything other than the material reviewed.

3. Any publicity (written or otherwise) describing the awards must include the full title of the awards program, the Sentinel Awards, and must refer to the storyline recognized.

4. The Sentinel Awards and judges have complete discretionary control over eligibility, recategorizing entries as deemed appropriate and determining whether an award will be given.

5. The video submitted for judging must be representative of the entire story arc. Any attempt to misrepresent the essence of the story arc will result in disqualification.

6. The Sentinel Awards has the right to request additional supporting material, including scripts and/or additional video, before an award is determined.

7. Responsibilities of the Sentinel Awards are subject to the availability of funds and resources. This awards program is not intended to, and does not, and may not be relied upon to create a right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law by a party and against the Sentinel Awards and funding partner organizations, the University of Southern California or the United States.

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